Working With Us

Any business can reap huge benefits from being in the Cloud. From the basics of cost management to the agility of pivoting at speed. Targeted at small and medium sized business, we’ve taken our experience of delivering for large multinationals and refined those to support the smaller business community.

We know that SMEs can’t afford the mult-million pound strategies of the large enterprises. We focus on helping you build a strategy to achieve your goals and then deliver in small steps. Each step allows us to validate what we’ve done together and the impact it’s had, allowing us to refine the journey forward. This makes sure the vital capital you spend is worth the money and getting you where you want to be with no waste.

We’re an outcome focussed group of people who use the right people, tools and process at the right time to help you win. We’ll find the right leaders and engineers to delivery for you and manage the whole process with you. We are connected to some truly inspirational leaders and engineers. We’ll help them to build the solutions that will drive your business forward.


It all begins with a video conference. Fitting into your schedule, we’ll like to get to know you and your business. We’ll talk openly about the challenges your facing and how we can help you win. Within a few days we’ll send you a report on what we think you’re going to need from us and give you an approximate price.


Once contracts are signed, we’ll arrange a meeting with your key stakeholders. There we’ll hammer out the first few months of work. We’ll work out the ways of working and get you started on this things we’ll need you to do. We’ll also plan out how exactly we’re going to deliver for you and get started.


We work in an Agile way. We do small things, often and well. We’ve found that this is the best way to make sure you’re getting what you really need and getting that consistently. We’ll stay engaged with you clearly every step of the way and together, we’ll help you overcome the challenges and win.

Let’s build something together.